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International Nature and Travel Photography

stoneyandjan.v2Nature photography is our byword! We bring you into the natural world using plants, animals, landscapes and intimate views of the best of planet earth.

The natural world is where you seek it and find it. Images are available from North and South America, Alaska, Western and Eastern Europe, Southern Africa, Australia, New Zealand, Islands of Hawaii and the South Pacific, the Arctic, and the Antarctic.

Our photography is on display at El Camino Hospital, Mountain View CA., Washington Hospital, Fremont CA, NANPA Currents magazines, Bridges Community Church of Los Altos, changing exhibits at Los Altos Public Library and Danita Delimont Stock Photography in Bellvue, Washington ( then enter Stoney and Jan Edwards.

We use top of the line Nikon professional cameras and lenses and are members of Nikon Professional Services. In 2010 we began using High-Definition Video, selections of which may be found under VIDEOS on the home page.

All slide images offered for sale or presentation are scanned at 4000 dots per iIch (DPI).

in mid-2014 our new Nikon D810 camera made it possible to capture high definition images with 36.5 megapixels in full-frame 35MM format, providing incredible detail. It holds two memory cards that can be programmed to take both JPEG and NRF RAW images simultaneously. Prints up to 24.5×16.4 inches can be made without magnifying the pixels. This also makes it possible to crop and still have a very high-resolution picture. Images are well processed within the camera, and that reduces computer time later on. For landscape photography with the D810 or D800 LIVE VIEW makes it possible to view depth-of-field, impact of zooming and sharpness options before the shutter is clicked. There are hundreds of possible settings, but we have standardized on two groupings, one for landscape and one for action. The manual is 500 pages long, so the user MUST set up a small group of “personal” standards.

For viewing and purchasing images click on “Gallery”, click on desired category and image and follow ordering and payment instructions. You may also purchase and pay by calling us direct at (650) 961-0739, or email at Discounts are available for quantity purchases.

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Stoney and Jan Edwards
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Members, Nikon Professional Services.